Preschool Curriculum

What's the right mixture of learning and fun? It's a trick question, because learning should be fun! That's the attitude we take as we develop a curriculum to prepare your preschooler for the elementary school experience ahead. Our program focuses on letter & number recognition and the other basics of Kindergarten preparation. That includes the socialization skills that will help your child thrive in the classroom!

Our School

Take a tour of our schools and you'll find we have large and open classrooms. Toys and play are the are the tools for learning for preschoolers and our classrooms are packed with variety! The activities keep children active physically and mentally stimulated. You'll find Legos, dramatic areas, blocks, cars & trucks, art, science projects and so much more.

The activities extend outside, where you'll find large and shaded playgrounds.

To fuel the learning and play, we provide well balanced meals and snacks.